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The problem we have with mistakes is most people don’t like them and either deny them, try to distance themselves from them or pick a fight with them through resistance. All of which ensures the very thing we want rid of sticks around. Unfortunately, most people view mistakes as a measurement of self-worth and self-esteem and personal competency, in their mind their mistakes are testament to us being crap at life and crap as a person. Now the secret of mistakes is seeing them in their true light, for what they actually are and not what we have been conditioned to believe about making mistakes.

What many people don’t understand is conditioning is covert; we can see the effects of conditioning but be totally oblivious to the covert cause we just accept as normality, or worse still ‘’truth’’. Conditioning favours the person using it as a form of control and unless we have the knowledge, or life experience, to understand what’s happening we simply accept the conditioning as our own creation. Which it becomes through the power of our intention. To say “It’s just the way I am’’ is a lie based on the fake identity you have accepted. If you have no idea of who you are, you will have even less idea of what you are, or why you are the way you are.

The old adage is very true; what you resist will persist. It has no choice in the matter because you are solidifying its existence by feeding it your energy. Resistance is an invitation for the thing you don’t want to come into your life and make itself comfortable, and as in all healing “prevention is better than a cure’’ and far less painful. But prevention requires knowledge and understanding and clarity of the problem facing us, this provides us with the tools we need to resolve the situation before it has the chance to become established.

Change your perception and you change the circumstances that have your attention. Change how you view the whole process of making mistakes and the cause and effect equation takes on a completely different dynamic. You are in effect stepping away from the conditioned victim mode and reclaiming power over the situation. You always had this power; you never lost it, you simply misplaced it and forgot where it was. Looking at the process with a fresh pair of eyes (clear vision) we can see the mistake is not the mistake we think it is. The real mistake is hanging onto the mistake instead of the lesson it provided us with. The lessons we need to learn are in the consequences of our actions. We

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Title: Mistakes Are A Brilliant Example of Creative Intent
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Published Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 05:05:04 +0000

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