I woke up to this today. It was Ross telling me it.

Yesterday I was backup call, called in for one case. Today, it’s first call, and so far, the same. One case.

I started around ten am and now it’s two fifteen. That’s how long it took for me to update blogger, update my iOS, and renew my yearly contract for the photos like you see here.

Doctors With Reiki costs money. We do not do ads. We pay for every photo you see, the kind that has the right to it. Because we have been good customers for ten years, there’s a little discount. But it’s closer to two thousand dollars than one thousand that we pay.

There are no ads on any of our platforms. There’s no ‘donate’ button. That’s how Ross wants it, or has wanted it so far. 

We have a subset of people who contribute to fund our work. We have had perhaps one year paid for in advance for the photos by one very generous reader who is a physician. The photos really make the blog. So we thank you.  Actually come to think of it, the aggregate for everything together is two years paid, and for this! Wow. Two out of eight years? That’s a total and complete blessing. It’s always October that we renew. 

Our costs are also one PO Box, then shipping materials, postage, and bracelet materials for our holiday giveaway we do every year. That one almost pays for itself too, and we thank you. Very much from our heart.

So what have I done for today? While I was waiting for the computer to update itself, I played lots of Pokeman Go. And Anthony has been watching football. He’s going to teach me about it, so when the guys talk football in the O.R. I will know what to say. 

It’s been a real blessing to be near work, to have breakfast and lunch with Anthony. It’s good. 

Fun arrives in so many ways. 

Enjoy it.

The context of the ‘fun’ as I picked up on it this morning was, despite the politics, and the coronavirus, and everything else–it is important to have fun and to enjoy Nature and your blessings while you have them. 

There was a meme about red ants and black ants living together in a jar, peacefully. But when. someone shook the jar and let them out of the jar, they fought to the death, red versus black. Think about the jar and who is shaking it. 

Voting is good, it’s your voice. But if you haven’t seen Oliver Stone’s historical documentaries on Netflix, you might want to watch. You can see the NWO agenda marching forward no matter who was the president and what was their political affiliation. You can see the influence of ‘advisors’ such as Kissinger–which go from one administration to the next. You can see the people all excited for who won the presidency. But against the backdrop of the

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Title: Never Fear Having Fun!
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Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
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