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Advice comes from many sources, including, perhaps most importantly, from your own direct experience and ongoing practice.  Therefore, one primary gentle suggestion is to solidify your commitment to yourself to set aside time each day to sit in stillness with a formal, dedicated practice of Reiki meditation, contemplation of the Reiki Precepts, and practicing hands-on healing of self and others. This will help build mindfulness and self-awareness, and a solid platform on which to stand.

New to Reiki? 4 Aspects to Keep Your Focus On
Secondly, as a Reiki practitioner, you are being of service to others in helping to alleviate the multiple dimensions of pain, suffering, and distress they are experiencing. So keep a sharp focus on being of service to others and less of a sharp focus on the self as a novice healer. Over time, you will certainly gain the competence and confidence that you are seeking.

Third, I encourage you to purposefully cultivate that beginner’s mind and sustain that state of mind ongoing. A beginner’s mind is the optimal state of mind for all of us. Being open and flexible; listening with big ears and seeing with big eyes; cultivating non-judgmental compassion for anyone who comes into the space with you.

Fourth, on a very practical level, maybe you will consider meeting with other Reiki practitioners, participating in Reiki Shares and Reiki Circles, perhaps volunteering your services as a Reiki practitioner in your community.  All of these activities will build competence and confidence and develop your “street cred” as a Reiki practitioner.

Every single one of us started as novices. I strongly feel that sticking with the self-practice, dipping your toes into your community, keeping the focus on being of service to others, embracing the beginner’s mind of open non-judgment and compassion will build your trust in your capacities as a Reiki practitioner.

With Care, Elise

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Title: New to Reiki? 4 Aspects to Keep Your Focus On
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