There are two worlds. The one of the physical, and the one of Spirit. We navigate them both, simultaneously on our journey in the physical earth.

As we approach the end of Daylight Savings Time, in the United States, and the things that happen to immediately follow, it helps to gather together and share our precious advice to you.

There is an artificial form of intelligence which was once used to hunt down and seek terrorists or something. It has been turned on again, onto the internet and social media. It is looking for things to silence and sennnn sore. 

Be mindful in all you do.

Be aware.

Know that some channels/platforms/pages have been ‘hijacked’ by others. There was a dispute over ownership or even aggressive controlled opposition took over and said it’s theirs. And the platform agrees. This has happened to backups for ex twenty two and also a reader.

Know that many people are being blocked, shadow bandied, or restricted in what they can share. Like on restriction until December!

In general, smaller accounts fare better in this ‘digital battlefield’.

However, we recommend direct person to person sharing. One on one. To only those who are interested. Keep your platforms, experiment on new ones. But know that holding your light, being loving 24/7 are your absolute prime directives. Getting banned won’t help you to carry that out. 

Ross wants to remind you to remember how Carla does her research. And what she found was that the American Revolution was thoroughly planned by those who ‘plan things’. All of the key players had a financial stake in the outcome. They were made fabulously rich by the events. Every single one was an occultist. And that one of the best financiers–who wasn’t ‘one of the club’ but just a genius–was later thrown into jail for three years and they took everything he had. He died broke.

Ross wants me to remind you of the famous line by George Carlin, ‘it’s a big club and you’re not in it’.

Those who control happen to like to control. And as far as conscience goes, those who happen to like control have little to no conscience. 

There is a possibility that someone on one side deliberately threw the old Veep ‘under the bus’ to have a last minute switch. The Veep saying, ‘I’m just the place holder’ was probably the truest statement to ever come out of that mouth. 

We don’t know who is working with whom, at the very highest levels. Whenever there is war, usually both sides are financed by the very same people. The goal is to increase their wealth. And to cause pain, suffering, and a decrease in population in the general public. 

I do know for a fact, that if it wasn’t for the Chinese

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Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
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