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When a Reiki practitioner practices frequently and remains open to unlimited possibilities of the modality, the intuitive abilities often grows in clarity and strength. It is not unusual for a Reiki practitioner to experience a third-eye vision for the client. Sometimes, these visions are scenes from a past life of the client. Some scenes may be heartwarming remembrances, such as a mother caring for her newborn or a healer providing herbs to a neighbor. Other scenes may be horrific – a wrongly accused witch being burned at the stake, or a soldier being injured on the battlefield.

When we consider how many scenarios each of us have lived through already in this lifetime – and then think about how many we have experienced in dozens of previous lives, we have to wonder why this particular scene? Why now?

Spirit is selective in choosing the perfect scene to show, at just the right time in a person’s life. Let me share a past life scene that came to my third eye during a Reiki session. I saw the client as a Native American woman with long pigtails, dancing along a creek, alone. The woman had a similar body type and hair color as the client, but she also had many physical differences. I sensed the woman’s connection to Mother Earth, and joy emanated from her body.

I asked my Reiki guide to give me more information that would be helpful for the client. I was told she also feels a strong connection to the Divine when she is in nature. Dance is an activity that would build positive energy in her physical body. But the client is not taking the time to be in nature more frequently, as she is too focused on her career.

When we discussed the messages I received while giving Reiki, I also shared this past life scene. Initially, I did not share Spirit’s interpretation. The client strongly resonated with spending more time in nature, stating this is something she has been wanting to “fit into” her schedule. As we discussed this further, she realized this needs to be a priority in her life.

Past Life Visions During Reiki Sessions
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The dancing aspect was less clear to her, but with some gentle

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Title: Past Life Visions During Reiki Sessions
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