Ross gently, gently reminded me of a lesson tonight. Let me back track a little bit. 

I came home after a pleasant day, but it was ninety-five degrees, and my scrubs were so uncomfortable! I had gone to work in street clothes, changed at work, but because the charge nurse asked me to relieve someone to go home, I just took my clothes from my locker to the O.R. Once there, my services were no longer needed.  So I went to the car.

There is a concept I’m going to share, after this main point, but I will move on to the main point first.

Anthony told me the bad news when I got home. His left hand was numb. It gets numb every now and then, usually he can shake it off. But it was numb. For two hours. Physical therapy worked on it and tried to help, but only briefly there was relief. It was still numb.

All I wanted at the time was to go into the pool. 

Quickly I switched gears to doctor mode. There’s no pain, no loss of function. Just numb. No need for emergent intervention. I tested the hand. Median nerve distribution. Most likely carpal tunnel. Might also have been from backpack where the ‘straps were too tight’. 

Will check the desk for ergo dynamics (I was a founder of ‘Bad Backs Anonymous’ at my old work; I know what to look for.)

And to call his dad.

It turns out the keyboard is too small for Anthony. It’s hard on his wrists. Everything else was close to optimal. 

His dad said to get a keyboard that is split wider with that curve in the middle.

We both realized the poor boy, all of his learning and his homework is on the computer!

His dad also said to use the foam roller. And it helped.

I looked up keyboards on Amazon just to price them. And at BestBuy, the worker said actually the gaming keyboard is designed for people who are on the computer all day. One was bigger than the tiny one that came with the computer. And although not ‘split’, it was an improvement. 

While we were deciding, Ross had us walk across the store. We don’t have a microwave. Anthony loved the Breville toaster oven/air fryer. 

Ross wanted to remind me of the promise I made to myself when I moved…you see, the washer and dryer are from the old house, and the doors are completely backward and awkward. I was going to get a new set when we were ‘out of the woods financially’. 

Here’s my lesson. I’ve had it once at the old house, and now again here.

While we are earthly, ourselves and our earthly materials need UPKEEP. An old mattress is going to hurt your back and cause pain. A keyboard that’s too small will interrupt education and cause numb hands. 

As humans we have an incredible capacity to ‘make do’. 

Times change.

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?
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Published Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 06:09:00 +0000

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