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Up until now the law of attraction was only known to the selected few, however lately with the tremendous advances in digital world and the popularization of ‘The Secret’, it has garnered the attention of the common masses.

The law of attraction (LOA) is the principle that the people, the things, the environments and the situations we have in our lives are simply the end creation of the energy that we put out in the world in terms of our emotions and thoughts. So as a corollary, it implies that if we change the energy that we put out, we can exercise our choice over the quality of things, circumstances and relationships we have in the world. It could include any goal that we wish to manifest including that coveted job, that dream house, that ideal life partner you found only in fairy tales, or anything that is on the top of your wish list.

The LOA is based on the premise that the Universe identifies our vibration (our innermost feeling) and responds accordingly by sending us the corresponding people or situations in our lives. So when you visualize your desired outcome even prior to its achievement, your emotional body radiates that vibration and hence your desire materializes in due course of time (which could be as short as a few seconds or as long as months or years).

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Title: Reiki and Law of Attraction for Goal Manifestation
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Published Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 05:05:48 +0000

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