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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in females and is a by-product of modern day lifestyle. It is an incredibly emotional and lonely journey for a woman to suffer from PCOS. The root cause of PCOS is hormonal imbalance and it is quite common now-a-days because of several factors including the mounting stress levels, pollution and the toxins in cosmetics and personal care products. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has few medications which only mask the symptoms of PCOS, rather than cure the root cause. Generally to the patients are prescribed the birth control pill which essentially shuts down the whole menstrual cycle rather than restoring balance. Therefore it is implicit to get a resolution for this condition at the energetic level. In this regard, Reiki works extremely well to accelerate the healing process, along with a holistic lifestyle.

The major hallmark of PCOS is the absence of ovulation, which results in irregular menstrual cycles and overproduction of male hormones. The symptoms include: acne breakouts (often the cystic kind), weight gain, hair loss, hirsutism (facial hair), etc. However, it comes in several variants, which means that the range of symptoms differs amongst patients.

At the energetic level, these hormonal imbalances in PCOS can be easily traced to the blockages or imbalance in the Sacral chakra, since it houses the ovaries (which synthesize the reproductive hormones). The Sacral chakra is the seat of femininity and creativity. It gets blocked when a woman feels stuck in a rut, unable to freely express her emotions and creative power. This emotional state manifests in the form of an inability to conceive and if pregnancy happens, there are chances of miscarriages. There are several ways to balance the Sacral chakra, including yoga, affirmations, crystals, aromatherapy and of course Reiki.

What causes the hormonal imbalance? In the modern world, most women are career-oriented which is a positive thing. But this puts an excessive pressure on women to compete with men professionally and prove that they are at par with them. While it is the need of the hour and a wonderful move, it puts a toll on the woman’s body especially if she loses touch with her feminine side, while pursuing her aspirations. Men are wired to achieve power and they derive a sense of fulfilment through that. Women are wired to nurture others, develop relationships, connect the tribe, connect hearts as well as to express love and compassion. So it is extremely important

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Title: Reiki – The Final Answer to PCOS Epidemic
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