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I have consistently been pulled in and intrigued by the word Angels. For me it was enormous and I generally thought to look for their direction or help isn’t simple. For quite a long time I simply continued finding out about Angels on Google however never thought of going a lot further to think about them or to look for their direction in my life.

I continued to search about the Zibu symbols and found 88 of symbols. Suddenly I got the book by Debbie Almstedt and when I read it I started practicing it. I was surprised when I found Zibu Symbols were creating miracles in my life.

At that time I had gone through my break up which is a very crucial time of anyone’s life. Zibu Symbols helped me a lot to recover me from all of the bad memories.

I started with the Forgiveness symbol & Release Symbol among the other Zibu symbols. The reason I chose these two symbols first was for letting go all that was not serving for my highest good.

Reiki with Zibu Symbols
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I have developed a state of calmness and patience within me with these symbols i.e. Forgiveness symbol & Release Symbol. I felt very light. I felt like something too much heavy has left my body, mind and soul.

How I used this Symbols:

I used to draw the symbols many times in the air during the whole day.I drew it on my food, water, juices etc.Whenever I was sitting or went out I simply imagined the symbol mentally and chant the affirmation mentally many times.I used to draw it in the air before going to sleep and after wake up.I have kept the symbol under my pillow after drawing in a A4 size paper.I was visualizing a happy me while looking at these symbols.I started meditating with these symbols.I used these two symbols during my Reiki meditation, I made sandwiches of these symbols with Cho Ku Rei. (Cho Ku Rei + Forgiveness + Cho Ku Rei & Cho Ku Rei + Release + Cho Ku Rei)As I Know this does not limit the usage of the symbol. We can use them many ways to connect our angels who are always ready to help us.

You can generally assist yourself with various strategies as per your own direction from your Higher Self and

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Title: Reiki with Zibu Symbols
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