How are you? We are enjoying the weekend, and also, have hope for the possibility that Monday is a day off for Carla, or at least a very, very shortened day. The lack of vacation here is being felt. This is the first time Carla has worked continuously for eight months without one week break to go relax and have fun. Yes, there were times where work was light and Carla stayed home, but with the Covid it was not fun and going to work, and taking the Covid Intubation call where she was on the leading edge of the ‘front lines’ was entirely stressful! The lack of a pattern to give structure to her days has been a thorn in Carla’s side ever since she started her career and left the daily office life of a scientist at the Clorox company so many years ago before medical school.  Structure gives comfort, and for Carla, neither the starting times for work nor the ending times which she comes home are predictable. She doesn’t know what her assignment is for the next day until eight o’clock the night before.  It is nightmarish, to someone who likes to organize and plan their time on earth, but Carla is accepting it, as something that goes with the territory, and does the best she can. This is Ross and I am writing today to be closer to you, and also to share with you some of Carla’s more recent spiritual developments… Meeting the GoalYesterday Carla worked together with Anthony to build a bargain-basement clearance priced lime-green bookshelf she had bought from Wayfair long before the Wayfair issues ever came up. People have asked about her ten thousand dollar markdown chair she had bought around Christmastime. She looked up the sale and it had been changed, no picture, no name, now, but she recalls perhaps the chair was named Milo.  This shelf had been near the entrance of the home in its original packaging for several months. This is the part of the home Carla has been working diligently to clear and make beautiful, this and the formal living room.  Anthony hates to help her. He has no pleasure in building things (in this case the apple fell very far from the tree of both his spiritual parents). I have to admit that watching them struggle gave me a smile from where I sit. Nothing is as simple for me as to build things, and with Carla breaking the dowels and Anthony’s screws going through the shelves and sticking out because he was giggling while he was running the power screwdriver were both special and precious to me, for they TRY their best and in human form everything is a struggle! Carla carried the shelf by herself to the wall just outside the kitchen, and even though many of the cookbooks didn’t fit (were too tall) for the shelves, she lay some on their side and some up, and it gave her great pleasure to

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Title: Rise Like Cream
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Published Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2020 16:47:00 +0000

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Holistic News Team
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