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First, I would like to recommend a simple exercise taught by one of my Reiki teachers. Search in your memory which was your spiritual awakening. What changed your way of think and feel? What opened your eyes to a new state of consciousness?

I open this article with this exercise because in my personal experience one of the moments that I consider a spiritual awakening was in high school when I studied the composition, structure, and functioning of proteins. This was for me as entering a wonderland, a magic place that I love. But, above all, by studying molecular biology I could conclude that besides all those molecules that have an amazing and perfect design as engineered, there is a Divine sparkle in every living being. That is something I cannot explain, and don’t pretend to do, but by studying it, I feel closer to this Divinity. And this was what led me to my call as a molecular biologist.

My work is focused on plant genetics and epigenetics; so, I’m not conducting research about the effect of Reiki on humans. However, since scientific research is somehow distant from public knowledge, I would like to explain what is needed to conduct research, where you can find the scientific articles about Reiki (or any other topic), and finally, present an interpretation of some of these articles.

Can Researchers study anything that comes to mind?

Creativity is certainly a very important aspect to design research, but an idea is not enough to conduct research. We also need funding. Public and private organisms provide funding for research, but you need to win that funding, by presenting a project describing the research, the institution where it will take place, the human resources and equipment necessary to conduct this project. Then, the project is evaluated by qualified professionals and competes with other projects. The projects with better grade get funding.

Where can we find the results of researches?

All investigations must be published, preferably in specialized journals that publish scientific articles on specific areas of knowledge. The process of publication undergoes several rounds of revision that includes the participation of specialized reviewers to assure that it is an investigation of quality. Publication of scientific articles is merit. A way to rate a researcher is counting how many articles have published and the prestige of the journal is also important.

Scientific articles can be searched in

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