Yesterday was an amazing day. I’ll tell you what happened. But first, let me begin the story of yesterday by letting you know who I am, and what I once was…I was like this. 

When I would walk into a Salsa Bar for a night of dancing, people would comment, and my friend Digna would tell me, they said, ‘did you SEE those LEGS?!’

I was all about the short skirt and the most beautiful shoes I could possibly find on my feet.

I was a dancer for a long time. That’s why I had the ‘fashion statement’ on my feet.

Unfortunately, due to incorrect sizing and my not knowing, I danced en pointe in shoes that didn’t support my right big toe properly. All my weight would go on it. At the time I said, ‘I’ll enjoy now and let whatever happens happen’. I thought perhaps in my sixties I would notice it.

I walk with a limp. It started about eight years ago, the arthritis. I haven’t seen a foot doctor since the one I stopped in the hall said they could fuse the toe for me. OUCH! Then it wouldn’t move at all!

Heels are out of the picture. Even my work shoes have lots of padding in them and they are special to support the feet. My clogs–Dansko’s–have lots of gel in them for my toe.

The last time I bought beautiful shoes, really nice designer ones, was in 2004. The feet get bigger with pregnancy. 

Ever since it’s been some variation of shoes like this. ‘Sensible shoes’ with ‘support’ and no heel. I bought a pair of Vionics for my sister’s wedding two years ago, super expensive, supposedly fashionable, but I got rid of them because I never enjoyed wearing them.

From early on, I had a wide foot. Getting shoes for me wasn’t easy. We had to go to Stride Rite (where they have ‘support’ shoes for kids). I wore oxfords a lot, something called Earth Shoes, and Vans tennis shoes. Dress shoes back then were platforms from Kinney of Thom McCann. Cheap ones.

When I started working, I found a miracle! Shoes from Italy fit my feet better than shoes from here. Shoes from

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Title: Shoes Say Everything
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