The winds are blowing fiercely, and a new fire has started in the canyons. I can smell the distant smoke.

This message reinforces two very valuable lessons Ross taught me which we will share with you:

detach from all possible outcomes (this applies to all things, big and small) when you are in meditation, and hopefully this attitude will transfer to your waking state too.detach from everything. You will feel the familiar warm glow of Home. What Ross teaches is that when we are in this blissful state, the dark ones cannot touch us or harm us and it angers them because we are outside of the Illusion and their control. Work on this every day. Just BE. Even if it is for ten or fifteen minutes. Set a timer. For me, I don’t do well with sudden, rapid changes. I like to know what to expect. I had asked for a ride from a colleague on the way to work for my colonoscopy. Then a neighbor would pick me up. This assumed she would be working. Well she wasn’t on the schedule. Then we got a friend to give her an early case so she could drive. We tried to get me moved up early. But instead, she drove me to my procedure, did the anesthesia for my procedure, and drove me home. I saw a lot of things through my own eyes as a patient in these times. Please remember patients in your prayers and Reiki healings. It is a very depressing time, with no family and friends, and you just wait in uncomfortable chairs and beds and gurneys, for a long time. I had the benefit of being in my workplace with friends. Everything went well, my diverticulitis is healed.  I am good. Los Angeles has put everyone on house isolation. Can’t even go walk the dog, I gather, but I could be wrong. Only you can go to the store and drive-thru. There is a surge in our hospital system, this I know. Visitors are dialed to the lowest possible after having relaxed a bit.  This is mosaic war, unrestricted warfare. There is information war, biological war, and war for control of the people’s hearts and minds. Do not be concerned. The underlying conflict is very old, Ross and I were on the front lines of it, and it’s for souls. Always look to the deepest reason, the eternal one. And do what Ross teaches us to do. This will help you in your goal to be loving 24/7, 365, to everyone you meet.  As a patient, I did a lot of work yesterday. It’s not easy for a team to take care of a peer. It helps them to remember all of their patients are so much more than ‘just patients’.  I showed my friend my house. Hers was messy when she gave me a ride to the funeral for the son of my surgeon friend. But I told her mine is worse, lots worse, and yesterday she ‘gets it’–I work a lot and can’t take care of the house. In the garden,

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Short and Sweet, One more time!
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Published Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 14:18:00 +0000

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Holistic News Team
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