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Although the world-wide COVID pandemic has created many challenges and hardships, there have also been many good things that have come of these circumstances. And one of the gifts that has emerged is the renewed interest and awareness in holistic practices, specifically in energy medicine. As Reiki practitioners, we will have many opportunities to make a difference in many lives, as we support people through positive change.

One thing we all face is the reality that healing does not always mean curing. We typically observe so many little moments of magic in our practices, and our faith in the process becomes so much deeper, that it is sometimes hard to accept that Reiki cannot provide a physical cure in all circumstances. Because we operate in the physical world, the body will eventually begin to break down, until it no longer serves us. This is inevitable, and no one escapes this process of decline and death of the physical body. No amount of energy work can prevent this natural progression.

Healing on a high vibrational level is always conceivable, but healing on the physical level is not always possible. Curing is not the same as healing. To cure is to eradicate physical symptoms. To heal is to create a state of completeness, a state of wholeness. Healing is to treat the whole body – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. As healers we support others in their search to attain wholeness, an overall sense of well-being, regardless of the outcome of palliative medicine.

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By: Stef
Title: Sometimes Healing Doesn’t Mean a Cure
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Published Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 05:05:41 +0000

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