Ross warned me 

Ross is with me. So are my very closest friends and family.

I have Diverticulitis.

I drove myself to the ER on early Thursday morning. The pain was unrelenting and intense.

It took a long time there just to be examined, get a CT scan with contrast, and to get the results of the tests.

I’m fortunate inpatient stay, a drain, or surgery were not indicated.

After going to the pharmacy I got home. It’s only full liquid diet for five days, antibiotics. And no pain meds.

It’s like a knife in my side when I change positions, standing up, laying into the bed, sitting in a chair. My arms are helping me. I have to press really hard on my abdomen because all the muscles are highly inflamed.

I say ‘OW!’ involuntarily, and I have to take deep breaths when I move.

The Reiki I requested helped me take a nap in the ER, I’m so grateful for the loving support.

My work found someone to work for me Thursday.

On Friday there was a problem because the person I found to work for me was scheduled to work too. So they wanted me to work. I had to clarify.

And I’m on call this weekend.

I had to find my own coverage.

I was told by my ER doctor NOT TO TAKE CALL–I can’t be running around like that–his words. I  need five days of liquid diet, rest, and antibiotics.

I’m not joking this time. I know I could perforate if I overdo. And I know surgery would need six weeks recovery.

But who is covering?

The woman who fell in the shower and broke her arm last year.

My best friend in the group.

And also, one who takes extra calls and always helps.

There is a twelve hour gap of coverage, and my best friend in the group is willing to work forty-eight hours straight. I’ve requested from the group twice, in two places, and no one has offered to help. 

Because it’s last minute. Because it’s the weekend. Because

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Sorrow On The Physical Plane
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Published Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 20:08:00 +0000

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