There was a little pamphlet/booklet that was shared around at church back in the late 1980’s which described the end times. I read it with morbid interest, are these really the end times? Will I live in them? What can I expect? The most important takeaway was that the End Times are broken up into three phases:Nature versus ManMan versus ManSpirit versus ManThey also described three days of darkness, where you would need to put aluminum foil to cover your windows, and you couldn’t go outside, and you couldn’t look out the window. There would be voices sounding like your loved ones begging to come in, but they would be demons and don’t let them. The only thing that would bring light is a candle that had been blessed by a priest. I took these warnings to heart. I saw many natural disasters and thought perhaps that was the first phase. Now I know that weather can be weaponized through HAARP. So perhaps what appears as Nature versus Man is actually Man versus Man or Spirit influencing Man to be using the HAARP against Man.  I don’t know. I kind of thought perhaps Man versus Man was the way insurance companies and regulations and taxes totally nickel and dime us to death. But with the riots, well, it’s perhaps a little more obvious.  I saw something from Minneapolis talking about thieves and how not to get hurt and to just hand over your cell phone and wallet. This is in the middle of my country! Here’s a video that I found fascinating–Cycles in the world, sort of financial ‘seasons’–called the fourth turning. To me, especially after watching Oliver Stone’s History of America series, this looks like one of the ‘protocols’–the plans that are used against humanity to further enslave them. When the speaker talks of a New Order I cringed.  I totally did. To me, life on earth should be much like the Amish. There’s no reason to change. But the unseen hand is making life and trends and activities and fashions always changing.  The Schumann resonance frequency is quiet. And that’s okay. For those of you who are sensitive to the energies, Lammas just passed. It’s good to know the eight ‘holidays’ the Lucy Fairy Ens ‘celebrate’ or perhaps ‘observe’ is a better word. The energies change a lot when they do their things. It’s terribly sad what they do.   Here is an article a reader posted before quitting Doctors With Reiki when Ross and I were trying to wake people up. Nobody wants to be awakened. And this article stinks. It’s an excellent example of disinformation, it sounds good, it’s long, it’s not an easy read…  Here’s the point. Ross and I, with our outreach to others, are stuck in a strange place. We follow our hearts, and to the best of our knowledge, LEAD. So, if we go one way, there are people who accuse of

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Spirit Versus Man
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Published Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 18:43:00 +0000

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