The muscle area of strain and pain that my clients and students ask for help with most often is the sciatic nerve area. Sciatica is the term used when describing irritation of the lower back area where the sciatic nerve is located. It’s often described as a shooting pain from the low back and buttocks area, all the way down the the leg(s). This pain can interfere with things like sitting, lying flat on your back, or simply walking. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest single nerve in the body. It begins in the low back and runs down the entire length of the back of each leg. The external hip rotator muscle, called the piriformis, is a common pinpoint of pain in the sacrum for many people. I often refer to the sacrum area in my yoga classes as the Bermuda Triangle because it forms a triangle in that area of the low back. The piriformis muscle is connected to the lower back through the gluteus and ends at the upper thigh bone providing leg and hip, leg and foot rotation and movement.

Causes of sciatica pain are compression of the lower spine which can be due to bone related injuries such as herniated, bulging disc’s, spinal stenosis, or muscle related injuries. Some sciatic pain is minor, some so severe it can be debilitating. Each person can feel this differently. Yoga is a great tool for helping to correct this but be aware it can also be an irritant. For instance, forward folds with legs straight can make things worse, but adding a slight bend to the knees will stretch that muscle area with little irritation. Also, back bends will compress the sciatic area, so be sure to lift and lengthen out of the spine before doing those poses.

Poses for the Piriformis Muscle:


Child’s Pose – best and easiest pose to elongate the low spine and stretch the hips, relieving compression. Begin on all fours in a table top position, ease your bottom back to your heels and walk your arms out in front until you’re all the way down. Widen the knees for a variation to allow space for the belly in between the legs.


Reclined Pigeon Pose – lying on the back with knees bent, cross right ankle over the left thigh, creating a figure 4 shape. Gently draw the knee

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By: Rene Hawthorne
Title: Suffering from Sciatica
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