Intent is the mechanics through which spirit transforms itself into material reality.  — @EsotericExposal

Earth is a school for mastering how to manipulate energy. Many other planets have easier courses of learning. The Earth school is the most difficult in the universe–only the bravest souls sign on for this assignment. — Dolores Cannon

Let’s take a moment to listen together to this official music video: Chic–I Want Your Love

Isn’t that pure funk Heaven that song? I’m grateful for it, and for some experience I had recently. I can’t disclose too much, only enough to get the teaching points through. First off, the music industry, and the entertainment industry, is set up to grow it’s own talent, create Monarch trauma-based slaves out of them, and do whatever they want to do. But there are exceptions. For example, someone who loves singing so much, that it is their life.  They say no to the date with the intelligent, worldly entertainer at two in the morning–not just because they don’t like cocaine, but because they have a job singing backup vocals at ten in the morning and want to do well. LOVE–and careful devotion to your talents God has given you–will protect you even from the wolves you rub elbows with every day.  LOVE–both self-love, and faith in your Divine Purpose–will make you friends in your specialty with those who are difficult to befriend. Why? Because you both share a desire for excellence. These friendships can last lifetimes, and you can be invited to share your talent at life events for one another, like weddings–because of this shared bond.  LOVE–will help you to withstand the cruel and vicious Divas who will take center stage–demand it–and force you to re-learn the dance steps backwards/the reverse by making you go to a different part of the stage for the filming. And, they will wait until the last minute and rudely force their will upon you, for fun, just because they like the power. LOVE–responds in kind to LOVE wherever it is present, even at the bedside when there is illness. A heart

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By: Reiki Doc
Title: Synergy–When Two Plus Two Equals MORE!
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Published Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 16:28:00 +0000

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Holistic News Team
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