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In Mahayana Buddhism, we often speak the language of “Wisdom” and “Compassion” practices. Yet our frenetic, danger-filled world also necessitates “Activity Tantra,” an important aspect “activity manifestation” of Wisdom and Compassion.

Without activity, there is no progress on the path.

Without activity, there is no safety for practicing. We immediately think of the Mother of Activity, Green Tara, and her gentle protective embrace, or of the Lord of Compassion Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin), who “hears the cries of the world” and saves us from the Ten Fears.

For a short simplified tea offering see below.

The four activities

The four activities we refer to are



A large formal tea serkym offering set with grains and black tea offerings. The go-to practice for removing obstacles is the “Serkyem” tea offering to the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas, and the Enlightened Protectors, who are the ferocious manifestations of the Buddhas.



Most of the time, we think of pacifying as the way to go to achieve Dharma objectives. Sometimes, though, obstacles to our Dharma practice require power, wrath, or increasing activities.

By way of analogy with societal issues, worthwhile objectives and causes sometimes require “wrath” in the form of peaceful demonstration; other times, the cause can benefit from fund-raising (increasing). Sometimes we rely on great motivational speakers or publicity — power activities. Just staying at home and meditating on “changing society” is sometimes not enough to make meaningful change happen.

In other words, Dharma living usually involves all four of pacifying activities, increasing activities, power activities, and wrathful activities.

Symbolically, these four activities are represented by colors. So for example, for

pacifying activities, we might think of White Tarafor increasing activities Golden or Yellow Tarafor power activities, Red Tarafor wrathful activities Black Tara (For example, in 21 Taras: Tara 7: Tara Who Crushes Adversaries Vadi Pramardani Tara)Or, in general, for activities, green — Green Tara.


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By: Lee Kane
Title: Tea Serkyem offering: Generating the merit for Compassionate Activities — especially for protection from sickness and other obstacles
Sourced From: buddhaweekly.com/tea-serkyem-offering-generating-the-merit-for-compassionate-activities-especially-for-protection-from-sickness-and-other-obstacles/
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