Good morning! It’s dark outside, it’s early, and I’m back at the helm.  Ross has been with me, and things have been improving slowly. The energies budged a little–the Schumann is warming up. I also learned that a close, dear friend is losing her battle with colon cancer. Remember my circuits get jammed when someone close to me is in the process of making the transition. She called last night to say her goodbyes. She has pneumonia and can barely speak. I was so grateful for the call. My soul does work I don’t know about, and when someone is approaching the Transition, it’s almost like I’m not here because that other part is working so hard. I get spacey and can’t focus.  Another thing is that yesterday, I was home, and wasn’t able to start the book clearing. Other things came up. I returned the tee shirt, and bought some things to replace what I had that was very old. The cleaning helped me to see and appreciate and accurately assess the quality of what I was wearing…and to shore up what’s very used and worn. Also, THANK YOU, a new Gaia Portal came out yesterday after a one month hiatus. This gives me hope. A Mercent is the US Marines Central Command. 

Yesterday in meditation, I was feeling very low, very drained, and connected to Source. What happened was like this, the ending scene of The Empire Strikes Back. The Darkness was like the Sith, and was zapping every vortex and ley line of the earth, like the Sith lord did to Luke Skywalker.  Instead of Darth Vader, like the movie, Luke took advantage of the energy connections, and had barbed tips anchor it, so the Sith could not get away. Then Luke opened his head up to The Force (Divine Creator) and all of Heaven was pouring energy into Luke, and therefore the Sith, and annihilating it. It was then that I understood what was going on energetically, and why, and I understood that the Game is Over with the ASSC.

Here is something I can do for you, to help you renew your dedication to putting the children of our world first, and protecting them. We have a raccoon because when I learned this medical diagnosis, it was called ‘raccoon eyes’.  We have a little child with a celebration, and a raccoon, so you can evaluate the mechanism of this injury. The size, the shape of the potential victim

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Title: The Eyes Tell A Story
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Published Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2020 13:40:00 +0000

Holistic News Team
Holistic News Team
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