The other day I was reflecting on the current situation–one of chaos and uncertainty–and Ross gave an important point.  I said, ‘I just want to be in the know’ on everything.

His advice?

Be in the NOW.

This is a basic truth. If you aren’t noticing what is going on around you, you might miss it. So, here we are in the NOW, together, working out best to awaken. 

One of the concepts we would like to share with you, is the antithesis of the NWO or ‘New World Order’. It is the concept of Heaven coming to Earth. The New Heavenly Order. The more we think about this, and celebrate its impending arrival, the less energy is focused for the NWO to have. 

Here is a New Saul Message to help solidify this concept.

We have made it through the sticky transits and retrogrades. We can now take a breath of fresh air on this ten ten ‘portal’–how they can always be on month/day matching numbers, I don’t know! Instead of a meditation, I will share with you three recent exercises.

While watching Ancient Aliens, there was an episode about Erich von Däniken. Apparently, it’s his theories that began the whole field. I’ve always liked the guy. And when I was a kid my parents took us to go see his movie Chariots of the Gods. I’ve had Anthony watch it too. It’s on YouTube for free. 

Wiki says he’s German but I think he’s Swiss German. He himself said his theories started when he was translating the Bible texts at his boarding school. It was run by the Jesuits. (our exercises are ‘critical thinking’ while watching ‘entertainment’ looking for patterns, yes?).

I asked Anthony out loud, ‘where did he get the money to pay for all these travels all over the world?’ (again more critical thinking). Back in those times, air travel was only for the very rich. The Jet Setters. 

I looked it up on wiki, just his story that they are letting us know. And there you have it, fraud, jewelry fraud, and jail time. Not just once. Many times. 

So when you do ‘exercises’ you ask yourself the question, ‘cui bono?’–who benefits?

In this one, the Jesuit/NWO agenda is advanced by extraterrestrial interpretation of the Bible–which may or may not be true–but it gets people open to these thoughts in an interesting way. And von Däniken benefits through his notoriety and career. 

The Second exercise was last night. I watched David Attenborough’s latest movie about the Earth. Cui Bono? The earth? The NWO agenda? 

Where did HE get all his money to travel the world?

I almost turned the documentary off when he was talking population control and carbon emissions.  I actually cheered when I saw Chernobyl being taken over by the forest. I love how that’s

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Title: The New Heavenly Order
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