The coronavirus pandemic, and the various infection control measures it has engendered, limit and affect us, both psychologically and relationally.

We have newly celebrated the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. 75 years of relative peace in the world. Today, many feel that peace has been profoundly disturbed.

Anxiety – a complex phenomenon

We may fear something specific, and something more diffuse. Anxiety can also creep in and become part of how we experience reality in general. Corona nourishes both types of anxiety. While it is very specific, a disease you can die of, it is also vague in when and how you can get it. How the virus is transmitted is to some degree inscrutable, and this can affect what we do. What is noteworthy is that the virus makes us both potential victims (we can become infected by the disease) and executioners (we can transfer it to others).

The worries the pandemic may cause are many: What does it mean when I cough? Should I stay at home? Are there viruses that can infect me on the checkout counter in the store, in the air, in the afterwash from the jogger that runs past me, or on the door handle at the entrance to work…… We wash, we disinfect and we avoid bodily contact.

We encounter the virus in different life situations, different ages, cohabiting or living alone, with children, grandchildren, etc. How we react varies from individual to individual, and reflects not only our life situation but also our personal reaction patterns. Some of us shrug our shoulders a little, follow the rules of infection control, but are not really anxious. Others develop clear anxiety symptoms, live our lives in “lockdown”. And we all listen to the corona news as long as we are able to.

Different pictures

Grandfather has not seen the three-year-old in four weeks. The three-year-old comes running towards his grandfather but is resolutely stopped by his mother. The three-year-old howls: “Why has everything changed?”

Grandmother is in a nursing home and can only be visited through a glass wall. She tells us: “I can’t see who is washing me, they are wearing so many weird contagion suits!”

The TV screens are flooded with death. Coffins, for which there is not enough storage space, that are stacked on trucks. We see the transience of life with our own eyes, although we have had peace for 75 years. Perhaps we are not so scared, but in front of the TV screen, we find our tears are flowing. Patients with disorders other than corona have their scheduled operations postponed. Hospital employees are rightly afraid that intensive care units will be overwhelmed.

Everyday life has changed. Economies are faltering, bankruptcies threaten, many sit in home offices and miss their relationships and the daily reassurance they provide, while others relax more when business trips are

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By: Gøsta
Title: The psychologist’s advice: How to make use of meditation in the time of corona
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Published Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2020 09:14:27 +0000

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