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In recent times the olde traditions/practices of ancestor veneration (honoring, paying respect, sending healing, etc.) to ancestors has been re-establishing priority among various practitioners’ daily way of life. Whether elaborate or minimalist constructed ancestral altars (inside) or ancestral shrines (outside/in Nature), mementos, libations, etc. Mainly due to the simple reality that when we honor our ancestors, we are also honoring/showing gratitude to all that we are. In honoring the ancestors, we call forth and clear/heal their energy within us. Furthermore, this sacred act serves in Spiritually clearing, purifying, healing and elevating our Self. And perhaps most importantly Spiritually freeing our Self.

In Spiritually freeing our Self we become more accessible for opportunities and potentialities of what we can actually easily/effortlessly do, attract, create, manifest, unfold, heal, etc. for the ancestors and for what they may likewise do for us, throughout the Spiritual, physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, psychic, and Divine planes of existences. Ancestor veneration strengthens the link between the physical and Spiritual worlds while aligning all planes of existences that effect your daily life.

In our everyday life we are presently all seeking ways to develop/ establish/ nurture stronger relationships whether with living sentient beings or ancestors, respectively. The ancestors are always nearer than we can imagine, waiting watching and wondering, do we remember and know to keep the Spiritual connection alive with well-intentioned acts.

The Reiki Libation
One of the simplest, easiest, yet profoundly affective means of paying respects/ honoring/ healing ancestors’ spirits is with libations, or better said, pouring libations.

To pour a libation is to harness the most ancient form of prayer. Libations invoke the ancestors/ ancestral Spirits, and includes to varying degrees the additional ability to also invoke Spirit Guides, Angels/Archangels, Ascended Masters, gods/goddesses and Orishas. Libations may be performed before doing any Spiritual work, to set the tone of a sacred/Spiritual

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Title: The Reiki Libation
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