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Generally speaking, the treatment phase of the professional Reiki session begins with the energetic, or byosen scan, and is conducted when the client is comfortably situated on the Reiki table, and after the Pre-Session Intake and Discussion. Many Reiki practitioners recognize Byosen (“sick accumulation” or “place of sickness”) as a Japanese Reiki technique that identifies the areas most in need of healing and provides a baseline of energetic information for the practitioner as the treatment begins. Also, it creates a field of healing energy in the energetic body, enhancing the flow of Reiki throughout the treatment. The value of an intentionally conducted byosen scan cannot be underestimated; it provides a wealth of information about the recipient’s energy frequency in both the physical and subtle bodies. A thorough scan at the beginning, conducted at intervals throughout the treatment, informs the practitioner of the recipient’s response to Reiki’s healing energy as the treatment progresses, and is an indispensable tool.

I first learned of byosen, and its importance in a Reiki treatment, during my (first) Level 1 class many years ago. Our Reiki teacher emphasized the value of this technique, and strongly encouraged its use in all Reiki sessions. I took the advice to heart, and have incorporated byosen in all my Reiki sessions since then. Over the years, Reiki has guided me in using byosen, helping to refine it for optimal benefits. Its guidance is ever-evolving, and thus far, Reiki has helped me to develop a keenly focused intention for the scan, resulting in an increased perception of the individual’s energy field, and the areas most in need.

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By: Stef
Title: The Role of Byosen Scanning in the Reiki Session
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Published Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 05:05:00 +0000

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