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Third Eye chakra is known as Ajna in Sanskrit and it means command. The three nadis i.e., Ida (Moon) on the left, Pingala (Sun) on the right, and Sushumna in between merge at the Third Eye chakra, and it’s called Mukta Triveni. This chakra centers our minds and brings in peace and stability.

This chakra deals with intuition, psychic senses, wisdom, intellect, clairvoyance, detachment, insight, and understanding. Most healers focus on cultivating a strong and balanced Third Eye chakra. The Third Eye chakra is located in between brows.

It’s this chakra which helps you see situations, events, things, and people with clarity, just the way they are. When the Third Eye chakra opens toward the outside, it helps you see others as they are; when it opens toward the inside, it awakens your side of nature and you start knowing yourself better – your strength and limitations are all projected to you when you open your Third Eye inside.

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Title: Third Eye Chakra Meditation
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Published Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 05:05:04 +0000

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