As a child, raised in Texas, Port Aransas became synonymous with summer. You packed into the minivan, with enough stuff for a week, and drove with your family for three hours, until you see the water. The Causeway signaled salt air, sun-kisses, and food. For some reason, Port Aransas’ food is better than you’d expect from a small, fishing village. You breathe deeper in Port Aransas, your nervous system relaxes into a calmer level, and any expectations you carried here about how you, it, or life is supposed to be, just fall off your shoulders. You come to Port Aransas to just be. It’s simple, safe, and serene. Would you believe it—I married a man who shares the shame childhood memories of Port Aransas. Two Texas kids, who enjoyed the seaside town in the younger years, will now share new beachside memories, through new lenses, together.

Over the years, Port Aransas has gained in popularity, but so far, retains these magical elements for me. Despite the crowds, I can still find a stretch of beachfront waiting just for me and my running shoes. Despite the extra tourists, I can still find a shady spot, waterfront to practice yoga, and commune with the birds. Despite the full beach house of friends and family we host, I can still walk to the beach, close to dusk, and meditate to the waves, seagulls, and wind which orchestrate the soundtrack for the sunset. Better than I can do back in the city, I separate from any other stresses or distraction that isn’t serving my peace of mind, in Port Aransas. As I unpack our vehicle, I unpack the stressors and the concerns, some of which weren’t mine to carry anyway, and clear some space for peace and contentment. The pace at which I move, back home, doesn’t fit well in Port Aransas, and the elements work together to slow you down.

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By: Lacey Pruett
Title: Time for a Texas Coastal Escape?
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Published Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 00:05:26 +0000

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Holistic News Team
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