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The great Yogini Machig Labdron.

Shakyamuni Buddha, raised among Brahmins (priests) and kings, left the palace behind and sat under the Bodhi Tree to face his inner demons. Of course, his mission wasn’t to exorcise devils and demons; it was the lofty goal of saving all sentient beings from Samsara, from suffering. The demons can be seen as symbols of the cause of this suffering — attachment and clinging, pride and ego, anger and hate, jealousy, and ignorance. All of these can be seen as our inner demons.

The great sage Yogini Machig Labdron, had this to say about demons:

s long as there is an ego, there are demons. When there is no more ego, there are no more demons.

NOTE: This feature is not offering advice for any situation, and is simply discussing the labels and methods in Buddhism. Please seek the advice of your teacher, spiritual counsellor, doctor, therapist, or guru if you need help. In Buddhism, the support of Sangha — the people around you who love and support you — is almost asimportant as the teachings and Dharma.


Lord Gizo descends to hell on a lotus throne to help those suffering in hells. He is beloved all over Asia as the protector of children. He also taught “demons” in his compassion, transforming them with the Dharma.


Demons can be seen labels for inner poisons

Whether you view demons as labels for the “inner poisons” — hate, clinging, pride, jealousy or ignorance — or as tangible manifested demon things, it is still the same “obstacle.” These are the “poisons” to be cured by the medicine, the Dharma or teachings, and the Doctor, the Buddha. In the former case, where the logical mind has understood the poisons as our own mind, simple mindfulness meditation might be the best “treatment.” In the case of a person who sees these as “tangible demons,” there are methods taught by Buddha to help.

Ultimately, there’s no need to be fixated on labels. If we culturally label these poisons as demons, give them names and images, and even talk to them in our dreams, at a “result” level, it’s not much different than if we simply label them anger,

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By: Lee Kane
Title: Transforming demons; “Get thee behind me Mara!”: how Buddhism handles demons; from mindfulness meditation to transformation — but no exorcisms
Sourced From: buddhaweekly.com/transforming-demons-get-thee-behind-me-mara-how-buddhism-handles-demons-from-mindfulness-meditation-to-transformation-but-no-exorcisms/
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