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Jason Espada recites In Praise of Tara with beautiful Tara images. Don’t miss this wonderful praise of the Mother of All the Buddhas. Jason Espada is well known for his Dharma Recordings.He is the author of several books on Buddhism and Dharma. [More on Jason below.]

Buddha Weekly presents

Jason Espada Recites

In Praise of Tara

Praising the Mother of All the Buddhas

May All Beings Benefit




Holy Tara, Protector of living beings, May your blessings flow throughout all of our lives and by Your Compassionate Activity, may all the needs of all beings be completely fulfilled now

Tara Your beauty tames the minds of living beings. You draw all beings to yourself. Your virtue calms their fears and brings them all fresh happiness.

You are the one who makes what seems to be the impossible entirely possible You conquer disbelief, and dispel doubt without leaving even a trace You are miraculous activity, beyond comprehension.

You are ‘swift to regard’, quick to respond, the remover of obstacles.

You are our protector You are grace and blessings, the relative and ultimate liberator of beings

Your beauty inspires uprightness of moral character You pacify habit energy We shed our skins, lose our old ways, like leaves falling off of trees

You bring new birth, and give new strength You purify the mind – like the stream-clearing jewel You uplift and brighten the mind

For those with positive aims, You are their Great Benefactress You set all things right You bring about reconciliation without impediment without anything blocking it You bring harmony to every surrounding circumstance

You help us to gather all positive conditions You bring out the best that is in us all You make all practices effective It has always been this way

It is this way now It will always be this way

You are the spring-like feeling of yes, the sum of all optimism, joyful positive energy, the feeling of I can

Tara, May your blessings completely illuminate all of our lives and may all the needs of all beings be completely fulfilled now

O, Bright Virtue! You are light You are grace in my life and subtle nourishment The blessing of all the women who have ever wished me well

You are instinctive love, all-accommodating naturally inclusive comprehensive You are embodied enlightened intelligence, intuitive awareness, the heart awake, and the flourishing of joy

You are playful, youthful, joyful, quick, charming, elegant, inspiring, wise, warm, strengthening, encouraging, healing, calming, stabilizing; How can I call

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By: Jason Espada
Title: Video: In Praise of Tara, written and recited by Jason Espada — Praising the Mother of All the Buddhas
Sourced From: buddhaweekly.com/video-in-praise-of-tara-written-and-recited-by-jason-espada-praising-the-mother-of-all-the-buddhas/
Published Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 21:05:54 +0000

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