Ross encouraged me to write, even before breakfast, even though I am hungry.  I realized when I woke up, that we have the realm of Spirit. And when humanity is able to access the realm of Spirit, in Harmony with the laws of Heaven, then truly, there is nothing to fear…not even with the political situation here in the united states.

Surprisingly, once I got to the computer, Ross had me do something daring, something I’ve never thought to do. He had me look at properties for sale in the Hawaiian Islands. We started out with prices from High to Low. And the first one was like forty million dollars. I instinctively cringed, and thought to look for the cheaper homes. But Ross stayed with me, and said, LOOK. As I looked, I realized I was able to fine tune my dream…there were some in the multimillion dollar price range that didn’t give me what I wanted, even though it was expensive.

The lesson is what you want, is from Spirit and you are co-creating it. By LOOKING at things that are close to your dream, you can visualize it more…

Anthony got an email from the University of Hawaii, the same exact instant I opened an Instagram post from Hope Johnson, with her beautiful thoughts and images of Hawaii.

It’s calling.

I’m seeing more and more online. I need to go–energetically–once a year, especially around Hawaiian New Year. It’s been two years now. 

I kid you not, the islands call my soul. They really do.

I’m the more ‘serious’ one from our couple, with Ross as ‘the dreamer’–he always has, and I’ve been ‘practical’. He’s teaching me how to dream. But as a student in the dreaming department, I wanted to try ‘low to high’ on the price range. I couldn’t believe it! The ‘low’ are vacation rentals. One wants twenty eight thousand dollars to rent their place from Mid-November to the first week of December! It was a studio DUMP lol.  I wonder what those people were putting in their pipe and smoking man? C’mon!

Anyhow, Ross guided me to the five hundred thousand dollar range, then the million dollar range just to see.

Do I want to retire in a house house? Or a condo? Do I want to be in charge of the repairs? Do I want to hear neighbors? Is one bedroom enough? Probably if it’s just me. I realized I could literally walk away from just about everything I have, and be okay with it, if I’m totally immersed in my dream experience.

Earlier today, I was thinking about how people work hard and save for their retirement…

big pause…

big BIG pause…

I don’t think retirement was in the original game plan–you know, the working for others part.

Something smells fishy here! 

Paradise is meant to be year-round. For all of our

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Title: We Have It All!
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