Bien-être, is the French word for ‘well-being’.  Literally translated it means, ‘well to be’, and infers it’s good to be alive.

That was my lesson for the weekend.

When push comes to shove, your well-being is your Square One. 

I actually defended mine against the rat. I caught it. I know that they go crazy for those shiny green beetles. One had been on the ground and I had stepped on it. It was the corner where there was lots of rat poop in the yard, where I placed the trap with that bug on it. In the morning, there it was, one as big as the one I’d seen last night that acted like it owned my yard, climbing up the shepard’s hook pole where I hang the hummingbird feeder. Dead it lay, swarming with tiny black ants. I threw the whole thing away rather than fight the ants to release the dead rat and get my trap back. 

Our well-being is a major component of our Vibration. And our ability to maintain a vibration of a certain frequency, above and beyond the ‘status quo’ in this incarnation, is our reason to be here. As I re-read The Hiding Place, I learn of how Corrie’s deep faith helped her to survive the unthinkable–being at the mercy of the Nazi regime, in those horrible camps.  

It was a tile in their kitchen floor that said, ‘Jesus is Victor’ that became one of her mottos for survival, and also, for inspirational speaking in the years after her experience. She was in her fifties when she went into the camps. It’s amazing how she survived. 

I took a class yesterday on Grief, and how to help others who are experiencing Grief. It was taught by my teacher Anne Reith, PhD on Zoom. You can participate in her online classes now. She doesn’t have a local healing center like she once did. Just hearing her voice was very healing for me. Learning what grief is normal and what isn’t was  healing too. 

I asked her a question about the deaths of small children who are mistreated in ‘ritual settings’ and ‘cults’ and how the whole thing makes me so very sad. I can’t seem to come to term with it or grieve it. Knowing what I know about Svali, Kerth, Cathy O Brien, it’s just so sad. 

She said two important things. One, we need to have a limit. A limit on how much we can be exposed to, and when our vibration starts to get lowered by it, we need to change the screen we are looking at–close the app, swipe the image age, anything. She also explained how it’s difficult from our perspective, but if we go up to the perspective of the Higher Selves, each soul signed up for a Life Script/Life Contract, and it is possible someone signed up to play the bad guy in this life and someone signed up to be the victim for important soul lessons. This makes it somewhat easier to

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