Acne is the bane of teenagers and those with oily or dirty skin as it can create unattractive sores and irritated spots all over the face, arms, back and chest. Acne can leave behind unpleasant looking scars that may stick around for a very long time.

Why Does Some Acne Cause Scars?

Anyone who has ever had acne pop up and spread across their skin will tell you that not all acne causes scars. So, is it only certain kinds of acne that cause scarring or certain conditions that lead to scarring? Let’s talk about it.

Sometimes, the pores of the skin will become clogged with oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. This can cause the acne to form there, engorging the skin cells. That’s how all acne gets started, but if that acne pustule becomes inflamed, it can turn into a nodule and become very irritated.

It will be painful and unpleasant and look different from the other acne blemishes. It may be redder or larger, so it will stand out.

As the pore wall expands, it can become more easily damaged, often resulting in a breakage. From there, the infected material can seep out and create a deep lesion. Shallow lesions will heal quickly and on their own. They should look smooth and clear after a short while. The deep lesions aren’t so generous. Those take longer to heal and can create scar tissue during the healing process.

Your skin will try to heal deep lesions on its own, and it will eventually repair the skin, but it may not cover the lesion smoothly. New collagen fibers are formed from the skin in an attempt to heal the damaged epidermal layer. The resulting new skin may not look very smooth. A noticeable scar can be left behind.

Acne scars can be long lasting. Some of them will become lighter and not as pronounced over time. In other words, they will become harder to see, but they will still be there. They will still keep your skin from looking smooth and clear, and they may never go away on their own.

Having those kinds of scars on your skin can be unpleasant. You might not like how they look, worrying that people will find them unattractive. It could hurt your self confidence and make it hard for you to form relationships, make new friends and stand up in front of others in a public setting. You may be self-conscious about those scars and worry that the scars are all people will be looking at when they see

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Title: What Causes Acne Scarring
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