What is your zodiac sign? What does it mean about who you are? You’ve probably already got some ideas about that. However, what most yoga practitioners don’t realize is that zodiac signs can also be used to connect more deeply to the subtle body.

Astrology, like Ayurveda, is a sister science to yoga dating back to at least 1400 BCE. That’s a long, shared history that draws together yoga postures, the position of the stars, and the holding patterns present in the physical and subtle bodies. While it can take years to gain an in-depth knowledge of AstroYoga, getting started is easy!

There are two basic methods. The first is to do yoga that reflects the timing of the planets and seasons. You might already do this to some extent, as it is common to practice more rigorous yoga in the warmer months and more yin or restorative postures in the cooler months.

The second AstroYoga method is to perform yogic practices according to your personal astrological chart and planetary transits. While you might not have your entire astrology chart memorized, you may know your sun sign. You also might have already taken a deeper dive into the wonders of astrology and be familiar with your other major signs, such as your moon sign or ascendent.In a general way, the zodiac signs relate to various body parts and systems: the planets relate to the chakras, while the luminaries (Sun and Moon) relate to the nadis, or channels, in the body.

No matter what style of yoga asana you practice, asking yourself some basic questions relating to your zodiac sign can help you understand your tendencies and gain greater subtle body awareness. Zodiac signs can be over expressive, under expressive, or in balance. It’s likely that you cycle through these in different seasons or situations.

Check out your sun sign (or your moon sign or ascendent) below to learn more!


The cardinal fire sign, rules the head, related to the third

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By: Emily Ridout
Title: What is AstroYoga? Your go-to guide
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Published Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 04:06:41 +0000

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