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Is it possible to achieve longevity? And what about karma?

Zasep Tulku Rinpoche answers these questions and gives a short video teaching on White Tara, known and loved for her long-life activities and healing energy. Rinpoche teaches the benefits, then — in great detail — how to visualize White Tara and the healing and protective energy. As he says at the end of the video: “It’s wonderful. Wonderful protection, wonderful for longevity, good health. And I wish you have longevity and much more happiness.”

This video, new from the Buddha Weekly Guided Meditation Series, plays here [Full transcript below video] :

Note: If you have initiation, you would visualize as Rinpoche outlines in detail. If you do not have initiation, you can still do the practice and mantra by visualizing White Tara in front of you, facing you, with healing light coming into you — rather than yourself as Tara.

Full transcript of teaching

H.E. Zasep Rinpoche: I would like to give some instructions and explanation on how to practice White Tara longevity. There are different Tara practices. White Tara practice is for longevity and good health.

Question: Is it possible to achieve longevity? And what about karma? Some people ask the question. Maybe it’s already predetermined, how long one could live once a lifespan. Yes, of course. Everything is karma, but that doesn’t mean we cannot practice long-life practice, and it does not mean that long-life practice does not have effect on us.


Because when you practice long-life sadhana, long-life mantras like White Tara or Amitayus Buddha, and so forth, you are also creating good karma, or long life, this very moment. So, there’s many different karmas; karmas of the past life, karmas of the present life, karmas of now, and future karma, and so forth.


White Tara is very popular. Although she is Tara, in this aspect she helps us develop long-life siddhi.


So, I will explain how does it work for practicing long-life mantras and sadhanas. Okay, so when you practice long-life sadhana, such as White Tara, and recite the mantras, it purifies unwholesome karmas of your past life, that you may have unwholesome karma that you’ve created in the past life that makes your life shorter. You may have a number of unwholesome karmas, or maybe one big one, or maybe one little one. You don’t know. We don’t know. But we assume so, because from the reincarnation point of view, that we have no beginning. We do know people have a short lifespan. And we also know, ourselves, that somehow genetically we may not live very long when you look through your experiences about your grandparents and ancestors and they died from a short life. And so forth. And, today is

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By: Lee Kane
Title: White Tara long life practice video with guided visualization from H.E. Zasep Rinpoche, with mantra and beautiful Tara visualizations
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