Forget the staycations of 2020 and the adventure vacations that dominate social media; you need a yoga vacation. It is the right choice whether you need to relax or just get out of your normal routine. Here are a few reasons why a yoga vacation is the most relaxing vacation you’ll ever take and Vacayou lets you search for vacations for individuals and couples.

Yoga Is in and Of Itself Relaxing

Yoga is designed to be relaxing. The controlled breathing and poses are designed to remove you from everyday concerns and bring focus and clarity. Yoga is often combined with meditation, though it doesn't have to be spiritual or religious. Yoga by itself tends to lower blood pressure and heart rates.

You Can Combine It with Other Activities You’d Like to Try

If you’re bored with your current yoga studio, you can explore a variety of venues. Whether it is yoga on the beach or floating on a wake board depends on you. Whether you want to practice yoga on a mountaintop after climbing it to watch the sunrise or relaxing in an ancient courtyard depends on what you want. And you can go on a yoga vacation at resorts that let you go swimming in the ocean or hiking through the hills. The only question is what you'd like to do, if it is anything aside from eating healthy food, relaxing in your room and practicing yoga.

It Improves Your Physical Health Yoga improves your balance and muscle tone. Depending on the type of yoga you’re doing, it can improve your strength and endurance. Most yoga retreats are designed for wellness, so the odds are that your yoga retreat will come with a healthy menu, too.

They say that you are what you eat. Note that you can search for wellness retreats that specialize in vegan, vegetarian, organic, local or ethnic food. Now you can try a variety of healthy foods in addition to the relaxing activities they have on the itinerary.

It Improves Your Mental Health

Most yoga vacations are going to require you to set aside the smart phone and take a break from social media. And we need to be honest – social media is a major contributor to anxiety and stress. We are hardwired to compare our situation to those around us. Social media makes us wrongly compare our lives to what a thousand strangers choose to post online. Social media also fuels stress,

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Title: Why a Yoga Vacation is the Most Relaxing Vacation You’ll Ever Take
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