I work part time now. Sometimes I have time to drop my son off at school and pick him up. I sit in the car, and I watch the students. I watch carefully.

There is a kiosk set up by the entry gate to the school. Women are working at the kiosk. Most of the kids walk by the kiosk, with no interest whatsoever in what the workers have to give.

The first time, I saw a chubby boy, likely of Arabic or Middle Eastern heritage, take a box, and throw out things straight into the trash, and proceed to his mother’s waiting automobile, eating what appealed to him.

I’ve seen some kids, including intelligent-looking ‘nerdy girls’, take the boxes with appreciation and quiet gratitude. Very thoughtful.

I’ve seen athletes of color throw out the apple right away into the trash. 

Once Anthony came home with a box. It had chicken nuggets and fries, and he was happy to have it. He’s taken the boxes off and on depending on if he was hungry or not.

Our school doesn’t have a cafeteria. The district has a central kitchen. At lunchtime kiosks are staffed. They used to have three but now it’s doubled. It used to cost me money, I had to pay into a fund to go on the student card. Perhaps it was four dollars a meal. 

Now it’s all free.

Ever since the Covid, there has been a program to feed hungry kids. You could go to a distribution school during the home-school hours, and get food for the week, breakfast and lunch. Only for the children. You’d have to drive there.

Now, with hybrid schools, lunch is free for all students. This makes sense so there is no stigma for the ones who need it. 

But yesterday, a woman with a tray knocked on the window of the car. If nobody takes the lunches, then there’s no money to continue the program in the future. Would we take some? She gave us two.

I took them home with interest. 

You know those little cardboard boxes fast food comes in? One had a slice of cheese pizza wrapped in foil. A tiny plastic container like for salsa with a lid, but it contained frozen corn that was still cold. There was a tiny green apple. And a strawberry frozen fruit thing you’d eat with a spoon–strawberries sliced with sugar. That’s the only thing Anthony says is good. It comes in strawberry or mixed berry, but the strawberry one is best.  I took a bite of the pizza, it was remarkably good.

Also in the box was ‘breakfast’. Four ounces of milk and a package no bigger than a crustable (no crust peanut butter and jelly sandwich), with ‘mini pancakes’.  How is that supposed to help a hungry teen be prepared for school? That was the ‘free breakfast’.

The other box had the ‘free breakfast’ too. And instead of the pizza, a cheeseburger,

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