“Yoga is for every body and everybody,” my teacher Ali Cramer says to our packed and attentive yoga class in New York City.” I look around the room and see so many faces and bodies comprised of different shapes, ages, sizes, colors, and genders. How incredible to have so many individuals gathered together to have the experience of collective movement.


While big cities will always be culinations of diversity, be it on the train or in the gym, this inclusive mentality has unfortunately gotten left behind in the current projection of the “wellness world.” White, female, heterosexual, skinny, elitist, doing a handstand against a remote and luxurious beachside setting has become the tragic status quo for representing mainstream yoga. While brands are slowly becoming more body positive and woke in an attempt to equalize the representation of yogis from different walks of life, it’s easy to feel turned off and disenchanted by yoga.

“I don’t look like that.” “I’m not flexible.” “Isn’t it just stretching?” “Don’t mostly women do yoga?” Or all common inquiries and misconceptions that I have heard countless times. Just like Ali said, “Yoga is for everybody and every body,” being that it is an adaptive practice based on the individual. Yoga means “union” this idea of uniting the body, mind, and breath for mindful and conscious movement. Anyone can appreciate that be it a boxer or a figure skater. It’s about creating balance, finding equanimity not just when you are sweating it out on the spin bike but during your day-to-day life when you leave the mat or treadmill in hopes of feeling a little more centered or grounded. Just like someone who is weight training would have a schedule for arm days versus leg days, the same philosophy of balance applies and weaving yoga into your workout ritual is a great place to gain

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By: Jordan Ashley
Title: Yoga is for every body and everybody
Sourced From: yogadigest.com/yoga-is-for-every-body-and-everybody/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=yoga-is-for-every-body-and-everybody
Published Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 19:48:41 +0000

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