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Living in the physical world, in a physical body is not easy. We will encounter sickness, death, injury, heartbreak, and loss. It is a very difficult part of being human and these difficulties can take every ounce of our strength to cope with.

When dealing with these things, everything hurts. Our bodies, our minds, and even our spirits. In fact, it can be hard to even remember that we are spiritual beings when we struggle deeply with physical and/or emotional pain and difficulty.

Yet, we are always spiritual beings, which is why having an ongoing spiritual practice is so important. Our spiritual support and healing can help get us cope with the inevitable difficulties we will face as humans. These practices keep us connected to Source and to our true selves and remind us that we are created just as we are meant to be—even if we can’t see why from our current perspective.

Many physical health issues can not be healed during this lifetime, by any means. For example, some children are born without organs that help their body function normally. Other people don’t make the enough neurochemicals (such as dopamine) or hormones (such as insulin) necessary for their body to move properly or maintain life on its own.

However, a great many people with health issues can be supported in a variety of ways, making their lives easier to cope with, improving their quality of life, and in many cases, allowing life to continue. Medication, surgery, and other medical interventions are amazing tools that give people their lives back. In many cases, modern medicine allows life to continue when that would not have been possible.

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By: Stef
Title: You Are Beautifully Made, Even If You Feel “Broken”
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Published Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 05:05:41 +0000

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